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Speaking of, say, the difficulties engendered by the global stock markets, I learned a lesson quickly in 1996. In the R&D efforts directly based on and implemented by (and/or serving) the “industrial military complex,” there is this great rejection of overdoing number crunching and the stemming modeling. In my experience, I have seen and found it valuable to grant more relevance to a combined used of (FIRST AND FOREMOST) “Qualitative Analyzes” and (SECOND) Espoused with responsible “Quantitative Analyzes.” Issues like “fuzzy logic” and the apparent, but untrue, “illogicality” of quantum mechanics (whose visionary logic is embed ubiquitously) makes me (in my case) to be extremely careful with such qualitative analyzes without sacrificing the quantitative ones.

Evidently, THERE IS A GREAT CONSTRAINT IN TRANSLATING (1) arguments, (2) subjectivenesses, (3) subtleties, (4) intricacies, (5) anomalies and phenomena, (6) overt and covert processes, (7) overt and covert interrelationships, interacting within your "targeted" work frame INTO APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND MATHEMATICAL FORMULAS. Regardless of the practitioner's I.Q. and his / her ‘Three Of Knowledge’, Will it suffice (to satisfy indeed the ultimate output) to embed (to input) such complex rules into a spreadsheet or a software?

Dr. Ray Kurzweil suggests that although hardware’s processing power has increased dramatically since the invention of the first PC (and that of supercomputers) it will not suffice, to this date, to process items, among others, such as aforementioned "(1)" through "(2)." The throughput will be slow, so inappropriate, offering (if it can offer anything at all) an output (“expected and , above all, accurate and reliable solution”) worse than deplorable.

Kurzweil also suggests that as hardware has been getting faster, the processing power of current software has been turning slower and slower, compared to the progression rate personified by current hardware. WHAT IS THEN THE QUESTION?

The question is, Will you trust sub-standard and infra-optimal computational systems to make extreme calculations and modeling concerning stunning challenges?

Right now, and in order to be more dependent on quantitative analyzes over qualitative analyses, we need "quantum mechanics" (nano-technology and biotechnology under hybridization) COMPUTERS to get the right outputs. Perhaps and within a decade or so from now, said computers– the constituency of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will serve society with a stunning problem-solving ability beyond humanity's.

Subsequently and in the mean time, as we await those “quantum mechanics” computers and their respective re-birthed software applications, we must grant much more relevance to bold qualitative analyses espoused with some considerations (as a sub-set of such qualitative analyses) given by qualitative analyses, especially when dealing with complex problems in an ever-increasing chaotic worldwide context.

On the stock markets– the insidious numericalization factor driven by (i) greed and (ii) lack of universal principles and diligent, evolutionary regulation, and a priori “due process” justice–, play hugely (and this for the great pain of the Global Economy and its corresponding ‘Global Finance’).

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By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy)

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